Better Spreadsheets, Better Business

90% of all important decisions in major organizations are made based on spreadsheets. These spreadsheets need to be trustworthy, when we build your spreadsheets, you can know for certain that they will be.

Case #1

Scheduling tool Elementary school

Teachers at elementary schools nowadays not only have a system with a 40 hour work week, but they really need to keep track of those hours. This is a bigger change then you might think. Asking for days of during the vacations, keeping track of every little detail, ect. On request of the board for primary education (NL) we created a scheduling tool for elementary schools. The directors of each school input a standard schedule, and therein teachers can input their own data. The tool then automatically combines the information to create a comprehensive schedule. The excel tool has been offered to 7,000 elementary schools in the Netherlands by the board.

Case #2

Calculation tool real estate MVGM

Real estate companies have enormous projects that involve hundreds of factors which impact the taxation and profitability of certain properties. MVGM is one of these companies. So MVGM decided to work with us at Infotron to revamp and rebuild the excel based tool used for taxation and profitability calculations. The calculations will always be complex, but the spreadsheet has become trustworthy, easy to use, and risk averse. This tool has been a long term, powerful leg up on competition for MVGM.

Case #3

Distribution manager for food banks

Every week more than 8000 volunteers work together to provide food for 85000 people. To keep track of the immense amount of food which goes through the Tilburg distribution center every week, and to aid in the distribution of that food to the different food banks in the region, we created an efficient distribution manager in Excel.

This system makes it possible to record each pallet of food which comes in, and to easily print the necessary paperwork do go with it. In the very same system selection can be made as to where the food should go, and there is a tracking system for current stores. All this is made in such a way that even novice excel users can fully understand and operate the system.

Case #4

Theater planner IMC performing arts

Theaters work with numbers more than they would like. It’s just unavoidable. Visitors, deals with artists and products, and tons of other transactions. That’s why, as we were asked to do by IMC performing arts, we created the easiest planner you could imagine to keep track of all things financial and as always we made it in Excel.

Case #5

Memory Research Talent pools

Smart selections are the key to HR success. Memory Research truly believes and embraces this principle. That’s why they, in relation to their program based around talent pools in IT, Energy, Law en Corporate, asked Infotron to create a tool which combined all their databases in an easy to manage, all encompassing tool. HR-managers from a selection of business use our tool to make the right candidate selections in record times.

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