Our Software: PerfectXL

Are you looking for a program which finds risks in your spreadsheets? A tool to help in both validating and in building complex models? Then you have come to the right place! We are proud to present, PerfectXL: The Excel Risk Eliminator.

Solution 1: Excel add-in

PerfectXL, the Spreadsheet Risk Eliminator

PerfectXL is a state of the art tool, developed in a close cooperation with the Delft Technical University. It allows you to quickly check the quality of your spreadsheets. PerfectXL visualizes your spreadsheets to show you how they work and detects up to 70 different kinds of risk, like fixed numbers in formulas, incorrect ranges and overly complex formulas. PerfectXL operates not only as a web tool, but also as a plugin from within excel. PerfectXL is available through subscription, and you can test it for free. For larger organisations we also provide the options of either a private cloud or an on-premise installation. Watch the video and see what PerfectXL can do for you:

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