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While our PerfectXL tooling is our primary focus, we do also utilize our excel expertise to offer excel building consultancy, and a spreadsheet landscape study. On this page you will find more information about these services.


Spreadsheet building

As long standing excel experts/fanatics, PerfectXL’s team also offers to build your spreadsheets for you, tailor made to your specific needs. Rather than building complex, hard to understand systems, which end up costing time and energy for the user, we choose to invest our time in creating straight forward, elegant solutions for even the most complex situations. We do our work efficiently, which means you pay less, but the quality of work stays high.
Price from: €130.- per hour

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Spreadsheet Landscape Scan

We now offer a scan through which our top developers will analyze the number of spreadsheets that are being actively used in your company, how many people are using these spreadsheets, and how many risks are in these spreadsheets. With this scan you can discover the pitfalls in your companies financial foundation, and gain a better understanding of the spreadsheet infrastructure within your company.
Price from: €4500.-

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