Good spreadsheets make life a breeze


Every organisation, big and small, faces challenges to which Excel can provide a solution. Budgeting, logistical matters, scheduling and even the most complicated calculations. Time and again, choosing Excel can prove to be the best solution. And hen Excel is the best choice, we are ready to help you. We help in the construction, validation and improvement of your spreadsheets.



In little time we’ll make the Excel solution you’ve been waiting for. 100% functional in a good-looking, fresh design.



Did you know that 88% of spreadsheets contain serieus risks? We check efficiently for structure and risks in your spreadsheet.



We have the resources to quickly see how a spreadsheet works and how it can be improved. We guarantee a short lead time.

Solution #1

We build spreadsheets for you

Making spreadsheets is an art. We made it our trade. You will be surprised at the pace with which we create custom solutions that help you get on. More efficient and cheaper than alternative systems, but just as versatile and reliable. Financial calculations, scheduling systems, computational models; we can make it. We create models that are useable for everyone, including those with no prior Excel knowledge.

We aim at realising every project in three weeks. We’re horrified by long-standing IT-like projects. The more concrete a problem is, the simpler the solution can often be. Describe your case, and we’ll make an offer after 1 conversation.

Solution #2

Fast, thorough check of your spreadsheets

Are you not 100% certain of your spreadsheets? Or do you need an official validation to hand off to your client or accountant? Ask us to verify your spreadsheet. Together with Delft University of Technology SpreadsheetLab we have developed tools that amaze even experts in the field. With these tools, which automatically scan every cell in every worksheet, we thoroughly check your spreadsheet or portfolio of spreadsheets.

Our validation process is simple. You send us the spreadsheet and briefly discuss wit us the overall purpose and functionality as well as the problems you’ve encountered. Then we make our extended but quick anaysis. Based on this analysis, we create a comprehensive report which we’ll discuss with you. If desired, we’ll supplement with a one-page quality assessment for external use.


Solution #3

Efficient improvement of your spreadsheets

In the absence of knowledge over the precise inner workings of a spreadsheet, improving it can be a challenge. Where to start? Luckily, we have the tools to easily get to the bottom of an Excel spreadsheet, so as to quickly get started with improving it. We guarantee the shortest possible course of improvement. Our primary focus is SIMPLICITY. We avoid complex formulas whenever possible, we maintain clear separation between input, calculations, and output and the design will be fully tailored to the end user.

Building | Validating | Improving