Making spreadsheets is an art

You can do almost anything with Excel: from performing simple calculations and scheduling tasks to the more extensive business cases such as creating stock management and distributions systems. Millions of people handle Excel quite reasonably, but how often haven't you thought to yourself: What happened here? Is this bit correct, and what does that part even do? To craft well-designed and reliable spreadsheet is an art.

Did you know that...


Worldwide more than 750 million people use spreadsheets.


90% of all important company analyses are based on Excel.


On average, every spreadsheet is used by 13 people.


88% of all spreadsheets contain serieus risks.


Annually, $7 billion are lost as a result of errors in spreadsheets.

We make spreadsheets better

At Infotron, we work with spreadsheets all day. We almost think in spreadsheet terms. That's why we're happy to help you with your spreadsheet challenges. Wish to validate or improve an existing spreadsheet? Or care to start fresh and build a quality spreadsheet from the start? Than feel free to order a licence of our PerfectXL toolkit, which we developed in cooperation with the TU Delft SpreadsheetLab. Wish us to personally look into your spreadsheets for validation or improvement? Or for us to build an excellent spreadsheet for you? That's possible too. You will be surprised how quickly and efficiently this can be achieved.

Solution #1

Infotron PerfectXL

Use the Spreadsheet Validation Tool PerfectXL

Solution #2

Spreadsheet Validation

Let us validate and improve your spreadsheet.

Solution #3

Building Spreadsheets

We build your spreadsheets.

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Solution #1

PerfectXL, the Spreadsheet Validation Tool

PerfectXL is a state of the art web tool, developed in a tight cooperation between Infotron and the Delft Technical University. It allows you to rapidly check the quality of your spreadsheets. PerfectXL visualizes your spreadsheets to show you how they work and detects up to 21 different kinds of risk, like fixed numbers in formulas, incorrect ranges and overly complex formulas by formula breakdown. PerfectXL operates not from inside Excel, but separately as a web tool. You can use PerfectXL by means of a subscription. For high-end users and larger organisations we also provide the options of either a private cloud or an on-premise installation. Watch the video and see what PerfectXL can do for you:

We can proudly state that PerfectXL is being used by those who know the trade. Risk managers, Excel specialists, controllers and consultants of the following companies first embraced our initial tooling as early adopters:

Early adopters PerfectXL

Solution #2

Infotron Spreadsheet Validation

Doubt the quality of your spreadsheets? Need a check from Excel experts to guarantee the quality of your spreadsheet? Look no further. We can quickly check and validate your spreadsheets. You'll receive a clear report about the good and bad of a spreadsheet. This report is of particular use to start improving your spreadsheet or to show others that the spreadsheet is of a certain required quality level.

Spreadsheet Validation

Our analysis will be based on the risks as detected by our analysis tool PerfectXL and the visualisations it produces. PerfectXL detects things like fixed numbers in formulas, unintentional double counts, incorrectly specified ranges, formulas that are too complex and a lot more. Amongst other we have validated spreadsheets for the following organisations:

Validation clients

Solution #3

Infotron builds your spreadsheets

Every organisation, large and small, faces countless challenges that can be solved using Excel spreadsheets. Business cases, logistical projects, advanced schedulings and the most complex of computations. We are ready to help you. Our philiosophy is: the simpler, the better. We rather take our time to think of a constructive, simple and elegant solution that helps you move on, than to put in a lot of effort in a complicated system that is hard to maintain in the long run. If at all possible, we avoid VBA macros. And if Excel doesn't turn out to be the best solution for your particular case, we will say so. We work fast and for affordable prices. In collaboration with the TU Delft SpreadsheetLab.

Amongst others, we have made spreadsheets for the following organisations:

Customization clients