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We are Infotron, a young and dynamic company tightly associated with the Delft University of Technology. We focus on automated spreadsheet analysis. Excel is used by over 750 million people worldwide. Even though Excel is a popular business tool, its flexibility sometimes backfires, with catastrophic consequences aplenty.

We see it as our mission to make Excel maximally useful to everyone. We achieve this in a twofold manner: we develop tools that help in the creation and validation of error-free spreadsheets, and we build custom spreadsheets for customers.

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TU Delft Spreadsheet Lab


Infotron's work has a strong scientific base. For instance, PerfectXL has been developed based on the PhD research from Felienne Hermans. In addition, Infotron works closely together with the research team at the TU Delft SpreadsheetLab. SpreadsheetLab is a project of the Software Group spanning multiple years.

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