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We all love spreadsheets at Infotron, the parent company of PerfectXL. Our ultimate goal is to drastically increase the quality of spreadsheets worldwide, because fewer errors would save the world billions! We’re located in Amsterdam and in Delft in the Netherlands. The Delft University of Technology is our main partner. 

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Our lines and doors are always open for suggestions, questions, advice, support and of course fanmail. Call us, send us an email, or pass by our office in Amsterdam!

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We are located in Amsterdam and Delft in the Netherlands and we specialize in different disciplines. There is one important thing that connects us: we all love spreadsheets!

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Our Clients

Several major financial organizations, such as PwC, Nationale Nederlanden and PGGM, already put their faith in PerfectXL. Our tool helps saving costly time and provides with a structural increase of the quality of corporate spreadsheets.

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Our Partners

PerfectXL is a co-production between Infotron and the TU Delft Software Engineering department. Active involvement of partners such as the Software Improvement Group (SIG) and AAU University in Austria keeps us sharp at all times.

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About PerfectXL

PerfectXL is an Infotron application. It is a software developed to detect risks in, and validate spreadsheets. It’s available as a webtool and plugin, if you want to make excel better, this may just be exactly what you’re looking for.

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Job Openings

How would you like to work with us and make your contribution to the development of PerfectXL? We are always looking for ambassadors and talented programmers, but as we are expanding we keep looking for people from other disciplines as well.

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