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At Infotron, we make spreadsheets better. We work with spreadsheets all day, every day and practically think in spreadsheet terms. That’s why we are not only happy to help you with your spreadsheet challenges, we are also the best at what we do.

 Did you know…

  • 13
    In a business environment, a single spreadsheet is edited by 13 different people on average

  • 90%
    90% of corporate analyses are based on spreadsheets

  • 88%
    88% of all spreadsheets contain serious risks or mistakes in formulas

  • $7
    Every year, $7 billion are lost, because of faulty spreadsheets

Our Company

Making spreadsheets is an art

You can do almost anything with Excel: from performing simple calculations and scheduling tasks to the more extensive business cases such as creating stock management and distributions systems. Millions of people handle Excel quite reasonably, but how often haven’t you thought to yourself: What happened here? Is this bit correct, and what does that part even do? To craft well-designed and reliable spreadsheet is an art.

We validate & create

Are you looking for a solution which allows you to improve your spreadsheets? Which allows you to check and build spreadsheets more efficiently, ensuring less errors? Try PerfectXL! Would you like to have custom spreadsheets built for your company? Or would you like to get your spreadsheets validated by professionals? We at Infotron can help you with that. We offer three solutions to meet your excel needs: our software, our help, our expertise. To find out more, read below!

Solution 1: Excel add-in

PerfectXL, the Spreadsheet Risk Eliminator

PerfectXL is a state of the art tool, developed in a close cooperation with the Delft Technical University. It allows you to quickly check the quality of your spreadsheets. PerfectXL visualizes your spreadsheets to show you how they work and detects up to 70 different kinds of risk, like fixed numbers in formulas, incorrect ranges and overly complex formulas. PerfectXL operates not only as a web tool, but also as a plugin from within excel. PerfectXL is available through subscription, and you can test it for free. For larger organisations we also provide the options of either a private cloud or an on-premise installation. Watch the video and see what PerfectXL can do for you:

Many of the best have gone before you, these were some of our early adopters:

Solution 2: Validation

Infotron Spreadsheet Validation

Doubt the quality of your spreadsheets? Need a check from Excel experts to guarantee the quality of your spreadsheet? Look no further. We can quickly check and validate your spreadsheets. You’ll receive a clear report about the good and bad aspects of a spreadsheet. This report is of particular use to start improving your spreadsheets or to show others that the spreadsheet meets a certain quality standard.

Our analysis will be based on the risks as detected by our analysis tool PerfectXL and the visualisations it produces. PerfectXL detects things like fixed numbers in formulas, unintentional double counts, incorrectly specified ranges, formulas that are too complex and a lot more. We have validated spreadsheets for the following organisations and many others with great results:

Solution 3: Creation

Infotron builds your spreadsheets

Every organisation, large and small, faces countless challenges that can be solved using Excel spreadsheets. Business cases, logistical projects, advanced scheduling systems and the most complex computations. We are ready to help you. Our philosophy is: the simpler, the better. We prefer to use our time to think of a constructive, simple and elegant solution that helps you, rather than putting in a lot of effort to create a complicated system that is hard for you to maintain. If at all possible, we avoid VBA macros, and if Excel doesn’t turn out to be the best solution for your particular case, we will say so. We work efficiently and affordably in collaboration with the TU Delft SpreadsheetLab. A few examples:

We have built spreadsheets for many organizations including:

Excel Guidelines

Recently published:

Pay Attention to Units and Number Formats

Excel horror stories are often related to accidentally changing, shifting or changing units or number formats. Where Americans think in Dollars, Europeans might think in Euros. Large organizations think in thousands, small organizations might calculate in cents. And the English have their own units for everything… 

Read more about units and number formats Subscribe to all guidelines

Partners & clients

Built together

Analyzing spreadsheets and identifying risks is very hard work. Fortunately, we have the strongest partners possible to get the work done. We work closely with SpreadsheetLab at the Delft University of Technology and we get great support from Microsoft. Learn more about our partners

Trusted by leading companies

PerfectXL serves clients from different industries. The tool has proven its value to accountants, consultants and financial experts as well as professionals from high tech, energy, logistics and transport industries. Learn more about our clients

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